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Welcome to the new Nordicomics website!

Follow all the latest news about the Nordicomics project  from here. The website will be mostly in English. If you want to contribute to the website, please contact us at

Nordicomics is a project organized by the Finnish Comics Society. The project includes workshops and exhibitions that showcase promising new artists from the Nordic countries. Nordicomics project gives the artists a possibility to showcase their artwork outside their own countries and network with other comic artists. This website continues the Nordicomics project by informing about future and past events, artists and all comics related happenings through-out the Nordic countries.

The Finnish Comics Society held the first Nordicomics exhibition and workshop in Helsinki in August 2009. Artists that took part in the workshop where from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In 2010 the project toured in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and St. Petersburg. The Finnish Comics Society organized the exhibitions and workshops with the help of local partners. The project was supported by the Nordic Culture Point, Nordisk Kulturfond, the Finnish Comics Society and local partners from each city the project was held at.

For the old Nordicomics page, please visit the Library section.

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Nordicomics and its projects are funded by Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Children's and Youth Committee – NORDBUK, and the Finnish Comics Society. All images are the copyright of their respective owners.