Nordicomics tour 2010

Nordicomics project toured in the northern countries in 2010 with an exhibition that was taken to OsloStockholmCopenhagenand St. Petersburg. The artists presented in the exhibition where Simon Bukhave and Christian Skovgaard from Denmark, Anna Sailamaa, Kaisa Leka and Aino Sutinen from Finland, Rui TenreiroMartin Ernststen and Bendik Kaltenborn from Norway andEmelie ÖstergrenJoanna HellgrenKolbeinn KarlssonJoakim Ojanen and Clara Johansson from Sweden.  The results of the Stockholm workshop where also presented in the Stockholm exhibition.

The 2010 tour was supported by the Nordic Culture Point and Nordisk Kulturfond and the tour was organized with the collaboration of Serieteket OsloKonstfackKomiks.dkBilledskolen i TvillingehallerneBoomfest and Suomi-talo in St. Petersburg.

Nordicomics and its projects are funded by Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Children's and Youth Committee – NORDBUK, and the Finnish Comics Society. All images are the copyright of their respective owners.