Nordicomics Helsinki 2009

Nordicomics in Cardboardian

The Nordicomics project started with an exhibition and workshopheld in Helsinki 15th-30th August 2009.

The two-week workshop gathered artists from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark to work together for the first time. Both workshop and the exhibition where held at the Comics Centre, which was still located in Kallio at the time.

The goal was to make a zine of Nordic comics with the theme “Helsinki” having been decided on at the beginning of the workshop. The results where published later by the Comics Centre as Helsinki workshop 2009 book.

The first week was more about getting to know one another and the city of Helsinki itself. The second week of the workshop was mainly about drawing.

Participants of the workshop where Martin Ernstsen, Rui Tenreiro, Emelie Östergren, Christian Skovgaard, Anna Sailamaa, Jyrki Nissinen, Marion Roger, Mari Ahokoivu and Muura Parkkinen.

Sarjainfo, the magazine of the Finnish comics society did a special number about nordic comics and the project. The exhibition opened on August 21st and it showcased new young talented comic artists from Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

The artists presented in the exhibition where Simon Bukhave and Christian Skovgaard from Denmark, Anna Sailamaa, Kaisa Leka and Jyrki Nissinen from Finland, Rui Tenreiro, Martin Ernstsen and Bendik Kaltenborn from Norway and Emelie Östergren, Joanna Hellgren and Kolbeinn Karlsson from Sweden.

Nordicomics and its projects are funded by Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Children's and Youth Committee – NORDBUK, and the Finnish Comics Society. All images are the copyright of their respective owners.