Illustration by Linda Vapalahti
Illustration by Linda Vapalahti


Nordicomics Islands is an opportunity for Nordic comics artists to visit the faraway islands of Northern Europe and explore the landscape, the people and the local life with comics. Through their individual projects and the Nordicomics workshops held at each location, the artists can form new professional and personal ties that they can hopefully treasure a long time.

Benefits and activities included in the residency

Artists will be provided with 3–4-week accommodation at a local residence and a project allowance for their chosen project. The artists will also hold a Nordicomics workshop during their stay.

The residence destinations

The four destinations are Reykjavík (IS), Nuuk (GL), Tórshavn (FO) and Mariehamn (FI).

The tour starts from Reykjavík, and the Islands exhibition will be on display at the Reykjavík City Library 12th January–10th February. The library is the project’s main collaborator in Iceland and will also host the Nordicomics workshop.

In Greenland the project will locate in the capital Nuuk, where the project collaborates with the national Cultural Center Katuaq and the Nordic Institute in Greenland NAPA. The residency is scheduled for March and the exhibition will be open at Katuaq 7th March–14th April.

In Åland the residence artists will collaborate with Galleri Kakelhallen for both the exhibition and the workshop in Marienhamn. The exhibition will be on display 1st–31st May.

In the project’s final stop, the Faroe Islands, Nordicomics will collaborate with a local culture centre, which will host both the exhibition and the workshop. The exhibition will be on display in Tórshavn 3rd–28th June.

Residency artists for Nordicomics Islands

The participating artists were selected in November, 2012. From over 40 applicants, the Finnish Comics Society chose the following five artists for the four residencies based on their project proposals:

Reykjavik, Iceland: Josefin Svenske (SWE)
Nuuk, Greenland: Mari Ahokoivu (FIN) & Søren Mosdal (DEN)
Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands: Eeva Meltio (FIN)
Mariehamn, Åland: Linus Strandberg (SWE)

Nordicomics Islands exhibition

Nordicomics Islands presents contemporary Nordic comics and showcases influencial and up-and-coming artists of the region, including creators from Iceland, Greenland and Åland. The exhibition works revolve around the themes of distances and differences between places and people, an outsider’s view on the world and the historical and emotional landscape of the North, always through the personal viewfinder of each artist. In Nordicomics Islands, the Northern comics mentality takes equally form in the poetic, the emotional and the grotesquely absurd.

Artists in the exhibition:
Mari Ahokoivu (FI), Eeva Meltio (FI), Josefin Svenske (SE), Lene Ask (NO), Søren Mosdal (DK), Nuka K. Godtfredsen (GL), Hugleikur Dagsson (IS), Linus Strandberg (AX)

Supporters and organisers of Nordicomics Islands

Nordicomics Islands is organised by the Finnish Comics Society and supported by Nordic Culture Fund and the Icelandic-Finnish Cultural Foundation. The residencies and workshops are co-organised with the Sím Reykjavík Residence, the Reykjavík City Library, Cultural Center Katuaq in Nuuk, the Nordic Institute in Greenland NAPA and Galleri Kakelhallen, Mariehamn.

Nordicomics and its projects are funded by Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Children's and Youth Committee – NORDBUK, and the Finnish Comics Society. All images are the copyright of their respective owners.