Jyrki Nissinen

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Jyrki Nissinen (FIN, b. 1982)is an artist-musician who is one the most prolific comic creators in Finland. His most known comics are Borgtron and Auttaja Hai.

Nissinen’s comics are absurd trips full of unexpected twists and dark humour, but they also depict the day-to-day of those excluded and alienated by society and the surrealism of everyday life. His latest work Viihdealus Dream Zone is a raw behind-the-scenes tale of a truly extreme reality TV show.

As a musician Nissinen is actively on the road both solo and with his bands Seksihullut and Laskettu aika.



Tylsät ritarit (Huuda Huuda, 2011)
Borgtron #1-12 (Leso Lehdet, 2006-2011)
Viihdealus Dream Zone (Zum Teufel, 2010)
Auttaja Hai (Zum Teufel, 2009)
Yli 10 000 koiran koiranäyttely (Zum Teufel, 2008)
Kaikki vierailuni italialaisessa kodissa (Zum Teufel, 2008)
Nuolee kuin eläin sipsiä (Zum Teufel, 2007)
Kiimaiset maantiesuolan imeskelijät (Zum Teufel, 2005)
Vierailuni italialaisessa kodissa #1-3 (omakustanteita, 2001-2004)
Vainajan velat #1-3 (omakustanteita, 2001-2002)

Jyrki Nissinen participated in the Nordicomics Helsinki 2009 workshop, exhibition and anthology.

Jyrki Nissinen at Zum Teufel


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