Josefin Svenske

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Josefin Svenske (b. 1984) is a full-time comic artist and co-founder of Kolik Förlag, one of the most diverse quality comics publishers in Sweden. In her own works, Svenske is interested in the documentary aspects of comics and in making new discoveries even from repetitive events in everyday life. Her comics have been published in the Swedish comics anthologies and magazines Galago, Utopi and Tivoli and in the comics journal Bild & Bubbla. Svenske is also one of the main teachers at the internationally renowned Kvarnby Comics School in Malmö.

Kalle Johansson

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Kalle Johansson (SWE born 1979 ) has worked with both strip comics and documentary comics. While documentary comics require a lot of planning and research, his comics trips gives him a chance to cut loose with small, spontaneous ideas.

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