Toom Tragel

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Toom Tragel (b. 1989, Estonia) is a young creator from Tallinn, whose main interest is drawing. Tragel is looking for different ways to use drawing as a tool and has recently been interested in storytelling. Tragel graduated in 2011 from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a BA in graphic design.


Martin Märss

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Martin Märss (Estonia) is a freelance illustrator and stencil art hobbyist. His rolemodel in life is his pet cat, who thinks she is the boss of things. Märss envies the cat’s easy attitude towards life and has taken upon himself to learn form her example. Märss took part in Nordicomics Tallinn workshop in 2011.


Eglė Vitkutė

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Eglė Vitkutė (Lithuania) is a BA student of illustration at Vilnius Academy of Arts. She is a newcomer to the contemporary Nordic comics scene but already actively participating in it through various international initiatives. She is a member of the Lithuanian comics collective Kitokia Grafika.

Ingrīda Pičukāne

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Ingrīda Pičukāne (b.1978, Latvia) studied at Art Academy of Latvia and received an MA in animation from Tallinn University. She worked as a graphic designer for a while but found it too boring, so now she creates and teaches animation. Her comics have been published in many anthologies and magazines, including Kuš! Comics and the Slovenian Stripburger.

Tommy A

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Tommy A (1980) lives and works in Amsterdam. He holds a bachelor in Fine Arts, draws autobiographic comics, and has been active in the Dutch comic-scene for over a decade. Amongst other things he co-founded the Dutch Professional Association for Comic Creators (Beroepsvereniging Nederlandse Stripmakers).

James Turek

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After nearly ten years of calling Brooklyn his home, James J. Turek (b. 1973) bought a van from his friend, packed his earthly possessions and dog in it and headed back to his hometown in Florida. In 2010 he came to Leipzig, Germany for a visit, but got caught in a bear trap and never left. His brother kept the dog, sold the van and James’ junk still collects dust in his garage.

Nuka K. Godtfredsen

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Nuka K. Godtfredsen (b. 1970) is a comic artist, graphic designer and illustrator. His main works are the archaeological comic albums Andala Misigisarpassuilu I and I that document life in Greenland in pre-historic times. He has also designed stamps for the island’s national post office. Since graduating from Aalborg University in 1995, Godtfredsen worked mainly as a freelancer before settling in 2007 at SILA, the Center of Research in Greenland maintained by the national museums of Copenhagen and Nuuk.

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