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Emmi Valve

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Emmi Valve (FIN b. 1984) is comic artist and illustrator from Porvoo.

In Emmi Valves’ comics, she wants to tell something about life as it is, often with the end result of almost like a dream which was once real. Personal experience has become an encompassing theme for Valve. She feels it is important to put something of yourself in the work. Sometimes it is scary to tell about yourself honestly, and Valve often thinks she won’t publish the ready comic anywhere because of it feels too personal. But after some time has passed, lucky for us, she ends up changing her mind.

Christian Skovgaard

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Christian Skovgaard (DK) lives in Copenhagen, where he supports his stab at becoming a graphic novelist by holding down a job as an architectural model builder. He uses the comic medium to document things and places in his immediate environment to uncover their embedded stories about our society and culture.

Christer Nuutinen

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Christer Nuutinen (FIN) is a comics artist and illustrator currently living
in Helsinki. He is the author of numerous self-published comics zines
and 8 comic books. Besides client projects and his own books he works
currently on two continuing series: Cramps & Strains for Suomen
Kuvalehti (with Pauli Kallio) and Doolbyland for Rumba magazine.

Bendik Kaltenborn

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Bendik Kaltenborn (NO, b.1980) was raised in the gardens of Oslo, Norway. His grandparents taught him how to swim and the importance of eating fruits.

His comics have been published in many anthologies including Glömp, Kuti Kuti, Swindle Magazine, The Drama, Stripburger and Strapazin. A selection of these and other comics has been released by No Comprendo Press. His prize winning animated short film has a theme of death.

Aino Sutinen

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Aino Sutinen (Fin, b. 1983)
is originally from Espoo, Finland and lives in Helsinki. She holds a degree in Sociology and Development Studies from Sussex University, UK. Sutinen is an active member of the Finnish Comics Society and the Sarjakuvakeskus comics centre in Helsinki. Her comics include political themes as well as autobiographical and experimental stories.

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