The situation for comic books and graphic novels in Norway.
With regard to the population, the market for comic books and graphic novels in Norway is fairly good, and interest from the media and the reading public has risen steadily for a number of years. There are a handful of publishers concentrating on quality graphic novels and comics, and some of the large publishing houses are also publishing books of this kind to a certain extent. For newspaper comic strips, the last ten years or so have been a veritable golden age.
Historically, the Norwegian comic book tradition is a very shaky one, with many endings and new beginnings, but from the early nineties and up to now, it has been quite steady. In the early nineties a generation of artists with more or less underground roots took the stage, almost nothing was published by Norwegian artists until that time, and new publishers also appeared. This new scene was inspired by what happened in Sweden and in the US. And it is interesting that similar things happened in many countries in Europe.
The challenge now is to bring this wave of new Norwegian comics to more people, to the libraries and to the bookstores.
There are two comic festivals in Norway, Raptus in Bergen is the oldest, and the one with more of a mainstream profile. Oslo Comics Expo is dedicated to new, more experimental comics, Norwegian and international.

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