Estonian comic art can be described in terms rather similar to those one would use to characterize Estonia itself: it is something small and obscure, but upon a closer look, also curious and surprisingly resilient. Estonia has never really developed a proper comics culture, even though people here have both drawn and enjoyed comics ever since the 1930s. After a history of ups and downs, from the late 1990s onwards, most of comics-related activity here has focused on alternative or auteur comics (one should probably note that “mainstream Estonian comics” is an oxymoron anyway). While the people currently active in this field have displayed typical Estonian nonchalance by not bothering to form anything  resembling an official organization, in recent years we’ve

still managed to hold exhibitions, contests and other events at a fairly steady pace, as well as to publish at least one new comic art anthology each year. With this latest collection at hand, it could be said that we are now hopefully moving closer to establishing an international presence.

Mari Laaniste,
art historian and comics connoiseur


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